Pragmatic Solution Get New UK Certification

In recent news, Pragmatic Solution (PS) has revealed a new UK certification for its PAM Platform that will extend their reach overall. As a result of this, the API platform will now be able to serve all UK clients. And so, strategically, this is a crucial step for the emerging company. Indeed, the new licence means that PS is continuing its 2019 achievements. So they’ll now be able to make an even bigger impact on the industry.

All and all, this new platform shows that PS is quickly becoming a leader in iGaming. And now, the new UK certification will allow it to be used in a whole new market. And the company’s top executives hope that it will lead them to even more success.

Under the Spotlight Pragmatic Solution Get New UK Certification

The company’s Business Director, Mark Woollard, told the press how this new certificate reflected the immense capabilities of the platform. Plus, he stated that they have “worked extremely hard in 2019 to expand their business.” Therefore, this new certificate showcases how quickly they can meet their client’s demands. Clearly, offering more client control is something they can be very proud of. The UK marketplace is busy. And they hope this new content brings something new to the table. Something that will make them stand out in the eyes of potential British operators.

A Bigger Market Awaits

Before this step forward, the company was already certified to trade in Malta, Curacao, and Sweden. But now it can add the UK to this list. As well as this, it also has the GLI-19 certificate. Which is a seal of approval that recognises its best practices.

This is a very exciting time for Pragmatic. The UK is a massive market, so this opens the door for even bigger and better deals in the future. They will now have an even broader outreach in the global market. In fact, The UK Casino market is a market that no growing company wants to miss out on nowadays.