Playtech launch Apollo Games

The latest move from Playtech (PT), one of the largest online casino supplier in the UK. Recently added an industry veteran to its marketplace, Apollo Games (AG). Where PT keep in line with their core values. To bring cutting edge products and forge strong ties with their working partners. By which have been steamrolling since the foundation days in 1999. And by adding AG, the relationship got a lot stronger. Especially as the new game developer has a good online presence. But it also comes with an ace up the sleeve. As AG also represents the land-based casino segment. This gives the developer a better idea and understanding of identifying upcoming trends. Not only in the UK but across Europe as well, both online and on land-based casinos.Playtech launch Apollo Games

Who is Apollo Games in short

First, the real introduction to the general public came in 2007. At this time as a design specialist. With the main focus on land-based traditional video lottery terminals (VLT). Which also referred to as video slot gaming terminals in some cases. That took on natural evolution with the ever-growing online casino market. Resulting in quite a smooth transition for the developer. When bringing us land-based top-performing titles like crystal miners. But also blood revival, and smiling joker to the online environment. And, where most of the AG contribution is accessible via multiple platforms. Like desktop, smartphones, tablets, and of course, in a land-based setting. As such, effectively offering a broader range of products and understanding. All this via the new partner, PT, and its marketplace. Currently, AG has a strong presence in countries like the UK, Germany, and Spain.

Attraction with technology

Indeed, by introducing video slots from the new partner will not only see to that the titles find a wider audience. But also single out the higher volume game round video slots with their filtering technology. Including search by feature and other appreciated trades specific for certain markets. Commenting on the partnership was AG’s CEO, Jindřiška Moravcová by adding things like. “High caliber of content.” And. “Available through the games marketplace only strengthens our position.” How well the products are received, we have to wait for the interim reporting later this year. Yet, it’s rare that this type of venture doesn’t bear fruit. And we look forward to what the future has in store.