Online Casinos to Reapply for UK License

As you know, the online gambling scene in the UK has seen changes in regulations recently. And there’s another shocking one on the way apparently. Indeed, Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, dealt the iGaming industry another blow. He has declared that all online casinos are to reapply for their UK licenses. Obviously, this will create problems amongst some of the online casinos, who are already suffering.

UKGC Online Casinos to Reapply for UK LicenseWatson has made it known that he is not a fan of online gambling. And, his criticism of the gambling culture hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a result, he took to Social Media to confirm that he has contacted Culture Secretary, Jeremy Wright. He stated that he feels that over one-third of casinos fail their customer.

Big Concerns

Another hit to the UK online casinos came from a Gambling Commission crackdown. In fact, last week, they fined four operators. The fines amounted to £4.5 Million, with the largest fine being £2.2 Million. With both the government and Commission getting stricter, casinos are starting to worry as revenues drop. Also, Watson noted where the gambling sites were spending their money. He pointed out that while they were spending in excess of £120 Million for Premier League sponsorship, many contribute just £50 per team to gambling charities.

Cleaning Up the Act

As tough as it sounds, they are set on cleaning up the industry. As a result, Watson wants a total overhaul of remote sector licenses. Therefore, we can expect even more changes in the future. While stricter rules are good for the players, there could be tougher times for the casinos. Many will now be forced to change their systems, their marketing, and rethink their strategies overall. It is clear that Watson has strong ideas about how the industry should run casinos. And because of this, we’re sure that more changes are coming. So stay tuned.