NetEnt unveils Wonderland Protector

It’s fair to say that the hype around NetEnt’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior has yet to fizz out.

And perhaps this has a lot to do with the fact that it was only live for a few days. And this until NetEnt temporarily pulled the plug to fix a potential problem that could “impact the intended gameplay experience” as they say.

But there’s nothing like striking the iron while it’s hot. So, in the hope to keep its momentum. The provider has recently announced an upcoming slot which also takes its inspiration from arcade games. Indeed, with so many fans of Asian console games, it’s easy to see why the studio opted to conceptualize a slot that seems to come straight out of Zelda.

So let’s have a look at Wonderland Protector to give you a glimpse at the next adventure you can embark on.NetEnt unveils Wonderland Protector

Wonderland Protector a new take on an existing game

By now, most casino players know that NetEnt is looking to deepen its footprint in Asia. Consequently, we’ve seen many slots get a cool reskin like Long Pao and King of 3 kingdoms.

Yet the coolest reskin so far is undoubtedly Wonderland Protector which is rumored to go live on July 6th. While mostly for the Asian market, it’s evident that many online casinos, even UK facing ones, will release it.

In fact, its Zelda-like-theme is a lot more engaging that Wild Worlds which didn’t get that much attention when it went live in 2019.

The first reskin hit?

To sum up, Wonderland Protector is still a cluster pays game with a 5×5 grid. The avalanche slot boasts features such as free spins, symbol destruction, spreading wilds, heavy wilds, and a battle feature too.

The truth is, there was nothing wrong with the original game. Except that few people found a challenge in teaming up with a flock of chickens to save the world. But maybe the Hylian like character will do the trick?

At least we all hope so for NetEnt. Evidently, a lot of attention went into developing the original gameplay. And now that it boasts a fresh look it could get the traction it deserves. So be on the lookout for Wonderland Protector video slot on July 6th, the reskin could be a hit.