NetEnt Gives its Integrity a Boost with Live Fraud Solutions

A big hurdle that casinos face nowadays is players that take advantage of their system. In fact, scammer groups are quick at developing new tactics to take advantage of live casino games. And in the long run, these fraudsters hurt the industry. So, to combat and to keep their live casino product as cutting edge as possible. NetEnt has joined forces with Live Fraud Solutions to ensure the integrity of its products.

NetEnt is one of the most well respected and well-trusted developers in the game industry. This collaboration should help minimise the risk of fraud to operators. It is important that honesty and trust are at the heart of its live game portfolio especially since NetEnt is on a quest for new markets.netent black, NetEnt Gives its Integrity a Boost with Live Fraud Solutions

Improving the Experience for Everyone

The Director of NetEnt Live, Andres Renfigo, was clear about what he hopes to achieve with this. In a recent press release, he underlined the importance of keeping the “levels of integrity”. In turn, this should lead to the “safest and fairest live gaming experience.” By adding the Live Fraud Solution tools, the whole experience should be better for all.

This is an area that NetEnt is passionate about. Indeed, as well as the addition of the Live Fraud Solution tools, it has affected other areas.

Firstly, the Swedish developer has increased its emphasis on equipment integrity. As well as this, it is focusing on player behaviour analysis and integrity checks. Plus, they’re putting further procedures in place. They’ll look at areas such as card counting, robot play, shuffle quality analysis and more. They’re also increasing their Blackjack games from six decks of cards to eight.

The Leader is Paving the Way

Toms Andersons, CEO of Live Fraud Solutions, is especially happy to team up with NetEnt. And to do so while improving the integrity of their product. When the news when public, he described the company as a “global industry leader.”

This is an issue that NetEnt is serious about, and they hope others will follow soon. Live Casinos should be fun and fair for everyone, and this is a huge step in the right direction.