Mr. Green to pay £3 Million to National Strategy

Mr. Green has drastically improved its online casino in the past year. In fact, they’ve beefed up their responsible gambling efforts significantly. They’ve even won a trophy for their efforts at the EGR innovation in compliance award in London last June with their Green Gaming Toolkit (GGT). Many praised the GGT since it’s a predictive assessment tool with human and automated interaction. And one that helps players to keep their gambling habits in check.

But as it stands, it was not enough to keep the watchdog happy. Or perhaps the tool had a glitch? None the less, speculations are no substitutions for facts. And the reality is that the UKGC announced that Mr. Green would have to reach deep into its pocket at the end of February. And they ordered them to pay £3 Million to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms as a result of an investigation.

Looking back at other cases

Now before ironing out the details of the fines. It’s worth knowing that Mr Green isn’t the only operator who felt the forces of the regulator’s hammer recently. In fact, they’re the 9th online gambling company to face action out of the 22 the UKGC examined. All and all, since 2018 the UKGC fined operators for more than £20 Million cumulatively. The results of these fines mean that 6 operators voluntarily stopped all UK activity. And more could join them too since 7 cases are still ongoing.Mr. Green to pay £3 Million to National Strategy

Where it went wrong

For Mr Green, the costly issues outlined by the UKGC were system ones’. In fact, the casino was accused not to take proper action after a player won £50,000. And he or she played it away. Plus, the player in question continued depositing more afterword’s. Then they were also an unsatisfactory source of wealth issues. So, in other words, the casino accepted non-compliant documents as evidence of earnings.

But as the UKGC’s Executive Director, Richard Watson puts it. “Consumers in Britain have the right to know that there are checks and balances in place. And this in order to keep them safe and ensure gambling is crime-free”. At the same time as publishing the notification, the watchdog re-affirmed its commitment to making online gambling safer than ever. And for everyone as well, not just the vulnerable ones and the under-aged.