Mr. Green is green by name and by nature

If you are a leading an influential company, no matter what type of business you conduct, you need to shoulder social responsibility. And what better way to do it then to put the focus on nature.

In fact, recently, we’ve learned on LinkedIn that Mr Green is at the forefront of ecological initiatives, at least in the iGaming sector. Indeed, not only do they invest time and money in the cause. But Mr Green actively push numerous green initiatives like a Clean the Ocean day, as recently reported.

Green the new black

Without a doubt, green is the core colour of the gentlemen brand. And its greenery comes in many shapes and forms. Above we already learned about Mr. Green social engagement surrounding climate changes and nature. What’s more, it’s greenery echoes in its company values as well. Indeed, Mr. Green understands that sustainability is also valuable in the world of online casino and sportsbook too. And because of this, they have one of the best responsible gambling tool in the market, Green Gaming.Mr. Green is green by name and by nature

In essence, the tool is a multiple-choice self-assessment test. It compares gambling habits and creates a risk profile according to each players’ answer. Then the tool actively makes recommendations when players are at risk. The engine is truly ground-breaking. As a result, Mr. Green won the Socially Responsible bookmaker and the Corporate Responsibility Provider of the Year trophy not long ago.

Mr Green devote valuable company time to the world

Did you know that Mr .Green employees are heavily encouraged to save the planet? In fact, the provider stands out by enabling its employees to volunteer in different environmental projects or charities around the world.

Volunteering in saving the planet truly pays off, because employees can do so on the company’s time. And without losing a single day of annual leave. So, it’s quite evident, Mr. Green pushes sustainability and on multiple front too.