More sports on Scientific Games platform

The craving for sports betting during these restricted times is as real as it gets. As such, more and more content providers and platform aggregators tie bonds to fill the void. And the latest update is a deal between Inspired Entertainment and Scientific Games. That will see too that sports bettors can get in on some virtual sports action, to quench their thirst. Sure it might not be exactly what they want. However, until the sportsbook operators have the opportunity to offer its normal range of products, this is an excellent substitute. And the latest introduction to the Scientific Games OpenMarket platform will give you a sea of sports to pick, watch and bet on. But, is this something for you? Let’s find out.More sports on Scientific Games platform

Pros and cons of virtual sports

Let’s start with the pros. First, there are no seasons or scheduled brakes. Second, you can get access to the product 24/7. Third, the design is to mimic a real event. Meaning it can be as immersive as an actual sports event. Fourth, a plethora of sports to choose from, like Football, basketball, soccer, and car racing, to mention a few. Fifth, a rapid sequence of events boiling down the action to a few minutes. And finally, it could be an excellent way to dip your toe into as a fan of video slots. Now for the cons. In all honesty, the disadvantages are far in between where the only real drawback would be the emotional investment a player might have to a specific team or player. Yet, it could also serve as a positive thing in the end.

Next step in virtual sports

Indeed, After 2020 wrap up, we are going to have a vast range of virtual sports and events to bet, or if you prefer, to predict the result on. In the end, it’s a random number generator (RNG) type of game. Though, as the market evolves, we are most definitely going to see the offerings to follow. More precisely, the complexity of algorithms will rise and turn into an even more realistic product, in outcomes, teams, and sports. And we would not be surprised if we are soon going to see actual teams sign license agreements to have their Club or players represented in and on a virtual sports platform that you can bet on.