Microgaming play it forward to the community library of the Isle of Man

Great news for the resident of Isle of man!

On 6th December 2016, Microgaming proudly announced a generous donation of £10,000 to the local family library of Douglas. The family library is a great resource as it offers support material to teachers and schools to boost the classroom creativity. They also offer school program where children can do arts and craft and attend to storytelling session. The family library of Douglas has the biggest children book collection and is a fantastic meeting hub for residents.

But what makes this charity so unique it the mobile library units and this is where Microgaming’s generous donation will mainly be used. The Mobile Family library consists of a fleet of vehicles that provides a door to door delivery service of books, audio book, CD and DVD to residents who are confined at home. The mobile library is a great source of entertainment for elderly and disables residents who do not have access to public transport.micrrogaming

Every year, the Mobile Library keeps hundreds of people well stocked with reading material. The volunteers also hold social sessions where residents can get together to discuss books and poems they have read. The donation from Microgaming will help towards the cost of running and servicing these mobile library units. But also, free up funds to keep the shelves of the charity well-stocked with new and fresh books.

Microgaming will also be donating an additional £20,000 in the next two years to support the upkeep of the mobile library. Microgaming PlayItForward is the name of the corporate responsibility program that serves as a goodwill ambassador around the isle of man where the gaming provider headquarters are located. There’s no doubt that more acts of generosity are on the agenda of Microgaming for 2017.