Microgaming Earns its ISO 14001 Certification

Microgaming has just confirmed that it has completed its ISO audit 14001 at its Isle of Man headquarters last week. The news comes at the same time as World Environment Day. Without a doubt, this certificate is a big step for the award-winning content aggregator who has offices around the world.

Indeed, it is the international standard that helps companies to create a good environmental management program. This award comes as part of Microgaming’s commitment to sustainability. All and all, this shows that as a company they aim to create a greener planet for the future.Microgaming Earns its ISO 14001 Certification

A Focus on Sustainability

Microgaming has always put a focus on CSR. As well as this, it also created its PlayItForward program which also looks to have a positive effect on the planet and help out the community. It is clear that Microgaming has displayed a real passion for making the world a better place. Indeed, PlayItForward often looks to help the environment. Plus, Microgaming’s team is always looking for new ways to help make the world greener.

Big Achievements

Clearly, ISO 14001 is a huge milestone for the team. This is a proud time for a company that places such importance on CSR. Another big achievement is that the company headquarters was one of the first business offices to earn a BREEAM ‘excellent’ score in 2017. What’s more, they’ve also increased efforts to cut down the waste that comes from ICE London. Microgaming company is always looking for more ways to make a difference.

In fact, now they’re hiring an environmental coordinator to help improve its BREEAM rating. Often, iGaming comes under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Now Microgaming is looking to make a positive contribution. Recently, the UKGC has made a point of focussing on CSR. And because of this more iGaming companies are looking to change the way people see them. So, the more that look to take such steps, the better the world will become.