Microgaming are Playing it Forward

A year ago, Microgaming launched a new initiative. Microgaming created a space that lets its employees vote for causes that they want to help. Since this initiative came into play, donations have reached over £50,000. Microgaming is one of the largest online software providers in the industry.

Consequently, it created PlayItForward to comply with the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. As such, the enterprise is now five years old. Moreover, it offers help to bodies in the health, education, charity, arts and sports sectors.

Staff Involvement

In April 2018, the Isle of Man headquarters’ staff got more involved. To do so, they created a place for the employees to have their say. As a result, employees can nominate and vote for the charities they prefer. They go onto their dedicated place on the site and vote for who they want to see benefit from the donations.

To date, employees have tallied up more than 4,000 votes. There is a range of charities that receive help from this scheme. They include Cruse Bereavement Care; Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation; Douglas Coal Fund; Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity; Isle of Play; Live at Home; Aid Rescue; The Arts Hub; The Family Library; Traa dy Liooar and more.

Microgaming are Playing it Forward

The Beneficiaries

One of the charities is Bridge the Gap. This company aims to improve the facilities that are available for young people suffering from long-term health issues. Furthermore, another organisation that benefits from the scheme is PhysioNet. PhysioNet gives out discarded wheelchairs to non-UK people living in developing countries.

As well as this, donations also go towards funding classes at The Arts Hub. Besides that, they have also helped the Isle of Play buy a new van. As such, they can safely store and transport their equipment. However, it isn’t only organisations that benefit from Microgaming‘s PlayItForward. Last December, a local resident received a donation to help him buy a new wheelchair.