Malta’s Pride in LeoVegas

For the third consecutive year, LeoVegas has declared its support for the annual Malta Pride. Indeed, the lion brand will once more be supporting the 2019 celebrations by aligning itself with the festival. This year’s Pride Week will be held between September 6th to 16th. Meanwhile, its main parade and festival will take place on Saturday 14th in Malta’s capital, Valletta. This year, there will be a number of different activities. It will also have the theme “From Riots to Rainbows, 50 Years Since Stonewall”. This will be on top of the open-air concert and main parade.

A Celebration of Diversity

LeoVegas clearly demonstrates its support to diversity by sponsoring the celebration once more. Plus, the brand’s commitment also reflects in its offices and products too. Indeed, the Swedish iGaming company is one of the leading mobile gaming operators. It also has a top sportsbook and live casino. In total, it has around 950 employees within the group. So since they’re such a big employer and because they have a huge customer outreach. Embracing and cultivating diversity is incredibly important for them and their success.Malta s Pride in LeoVegas

Spreading the Word

Unfortunately, not all workplaces are as accepting as LeoVegas. As a result of this, employees are suffering in their workplaces. And ultimately, this can affect their mental health and well-being. But also it can affect motivation and productivity. And so this means that it’s both the work, the customers, and the workforce that suffer in the long run.

So, in other words, being tolerant is not good enough. In fact, to be successful employers need to embrace the differences. And clearly, this support shows that LeoVegas takes a real Pride in its welcoming culture. Hopefully, this will encourage more employers to be as accepting as them. This is such a vital message these days since more cultures are working together. So, spreading the message of love has never been more important.