LeoVegas Unleashes LeoLine to Fend Off Regulators

There’s no denying that all around the world, iGaming regulators are cracking down on operators. In fact, they’re making casinos accountable for the money that gamblers spend on their sites. While this is a good thing for the players. Many operators are coming under fire for not looking after their customers properly. As a result, many have been in trouble. Regulators are fining operators millions of pounds, and it seems like this is just the start. It has become clear that they will continue to get stricter.

However, LeoVegas seems to have found a solution, LeoLine an idea that they hope will keep the regulators happy. With this addition, LeoVegas aims to show that they are a safer place to bet.

LeoVegas Teams with Gambling Therapy

In order to come up with a solution, LeoVegas has teamed up with Gambling Therapy. As a result, they have now introduced LeoLine a live chat service where bettors can get help if they feel that their gambling habits are becoming a problem. This service is open for all LeoVegas customers who are referred by their safer gambling team. After its introduction, they will be evaluating LeoLine for three months. Following this, they will share the effectiveness of with other companies. As a result, others will then be able to decide if they want to adopt a similar solution.

The Birth of LeoLine

To sum up, initially, the idea of LeoLine came about last year, during Responsible LeoVegas Unleashes LeoLine to Fend Off RegulatorsGambling Week. LeoVegas aims to create not only a great online gaming experience but one with safer gambling at their very core.

Mark Good CEO of Rocket X, a LeoVegas subsidiary company, stated that. “We are proud to be working with Gambling Therapy”. Not only will this mean that LeoVegas will hopefully be safe from fines, but the customers will benefit. This is an inspiring idea that looks as though it will make a big difference in helping players.