LeoVegas Now Offering Live Tournaments via CompetitionLabs

The software provider, CompetitionLabs (CLS) is now powering tournaments for LeoVegas Group (LVG). According to the operator, thanks to this software, they can now create real-time missions, and achievements too. Indeed, CLS’s platform gives them insights on behaviour. In fact, the new product allows data from any games or systems to merge under one point of control. So that operators can use the data to gamify their players’ journey. And therefore increase the level of engagement and the player’s lifetime value too. Now, for casino players, this translates into multiple possibilities to collect extra rewards instantly.

Live Entertainment

CLS’s new platform capabilities respond to a need from operators to have better promotional abilities. The company’s CPO, Julian Steinwender, said LeoVegas Group is an exciting partner to work with. He added, “The Live Tournaments are a thrilling first step together. Knowing their passion for innovation makes it much more exciting to be a part of”.

With that said, it looks like CLS is willing to go the extra mile to impress its new partner. Which, ultimately means that LVG players are in for a real treat. So as the operator prepares to expand its in-house capabilities, CLS looks to be the solution. All in all, this is a pretty major move by LVG. Not only does it prove that they’re ahead of the curve, but they’re also willing to do whatever it takes to give players the best online casino experience.LeoVegas Now Offering Live Tournaments via CompetitionLabs

As the Lion Roars On

In conclusion, LVG’s CRM Operations Manager Moritz Stragholz expressed great pleasure in the new deal. According to him, tournaments are a new approach to real-time engagement. Plus, the benefits CLS features bring to the table supported the group vision. As for CLS, well, they also seem to be moving in the right direction as well. After hitting the scene less than two years ago, they’re already building quite a name for themselves. As of now, they have partnership deals with LVG, and QuickSpin to mention a few.