LeoVegas Launches New Online Casino Brand

In recent news, we’ve learned that LeoVegas had recently launched a Multi-brand platform. And true to its nature, the lion is now ready to capitalise on its investment. According to reports, LeoVegas just launched a new online casino which goes by the name of GoGoCasino (GGC). But, at the moment, GGC is only available in Sweden. Yet, rumours have that it could soon go live in the UK as well and other markets too.

To be frank, it’s not uncommon that an operator launches a new brand one market at the time. Doing so means that they’re able to respond to any flaws quickly. But also to make sure the casino is as appealing as possible when it goes live on a global scale.

The Friendliest Online Casino

As for all LeoVegas casino brands, GGC sets the bar high when it comes to friendliness, speed, and simplicity. The new brand has a sleek, modern, and fun tone that delivers a smooth experience across all devices.

Since launching the new casino, there’s been nothing but positive feedbacks. In fact, the company already has a five-star rating among Swedish users. So, we can’t wait for this new UK casino to go live and see what British players make of it. And in true LeoVegas style, surely, we can expect exclusive welcome bonuses for British players too.

gogo casino LeoVegas Launches New Online Casino BrandA Closer Look

To sum up, GGC is only the beginning as LeoVegas plans to launch several other new brands shortly. Considering how fast they got this project up and running, it’s likely they have something in the making as we speak.

As the multi-brand strategy continues to expand, LeoVegas who expressed challenges in 2018 may be out of a rough patch. In fact, their financial target of £513 Million in revenue and £85.5 Million in EBITDA for 2021, sure are not out of reach, given the level of innovation the team is demonstrating.