Kindred Group shakes hand with a Chess World Champion

The top betting operator, Unibet, has just signed a new sponsorship deal. And a unique one which will see the best chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen join the company’s rank. As a result of this deal, the Kindred Group brand will sponsor the professional athlete for 2020 and beyond. Undeniably, this agreement underlines the company’s reputation as an expert brand in betting. Plus, it also brings lots of attention to the sport. And create more awareness to chess across the globe. All and all, the Kindred Group, who also own 32Red, is now starting a unique kind of sponsorship. It will add an extra dimension to the group’s reputation, linking itself to the perfect example of strategy and decision making. It’s certainly a contrast to the normal football sponsorship deal. But also to its 32Red brand who focus on boxing, racing, poker and casino games.Kindred Group shakes hand with a Chess World Champion

A Game of Strategy

However, this is quite a strategic deal in itself. There are hundreds of millions of chess fans across the world. So, there’s a lot of sense in building your brand in this area. Indeed, Unibet is a company that says “luck is no coincidence”. And always recommends research and statistics before making decisions. So, Carlsen is the perfect example of this. This man is a record-breaker. In fact, he has just set a new record of the longest number of games without losing in classical chess, 120 and still going. He says that he is “really looking forward” to the deal. He believes they share a lot of the same values and sees them as “highly professional” as well as “creative and playful”.

Shining a Light on Chess

It’s exciting that a company as big as the kindred group is taking an interest in chess, and it may give it more exposure. The company says it’s proud to have the best chess player in the world as a global ambassador for the coming years. However, this isn’t the first time the kindred group has shown an interest in chess. Indeed, they were the first betting company to offer live odds on the game. Indeed, it’s an interesting pairing and one that should benefit everyone.