Karin Thunholm Becomes New CFO at Casumo

In recent news, we’ve learned that Casumo added another key leader to its team. Karin Thunholm recently took on the new CFO role. According to the operator, Karin has a vast experience in both the finance and gaming field. In fact, she’s held several senior roles in top leading brands including Dunder Casino. So given her expertise, Casumo believes she’s got what it takes to steer the company in the future.

A Warm Welcome

First, Casumo’s CEO Oscar Simonsson had nothing but good things to say about her. He said that they were happy to welcome Karin as part of the top management team. The leader also believes that Karin can drive Casumo on its continued growth path.

In response, Karin noted her excitement about working for Casumo. And that they’re a great emerging brand to work for, both in relation to culture and accomplishments. Karin joins a team of individuals who go the extra miles in delivering players journey. She also expressed how amazing this opportunity is and how she plans to take Casumo to the next level. By those words, it looks like Karin is confident that she’ll deliver with excellence. And with over a decade of experience. She’ll be able to take over Matthew Borg Manche’s position without any problems.

The Road AheadKarin Thunholm Becomes New CFO at Casumo

Casumo is an award-winning online casino with a growing fan base for 7 years. Also, the company believes that having the right people, tools, and technology in place. They’re able to provide players with the best gaming experience known to man.

Not to mention, Casumo leaders believe that the online casino industry is evolving and will not look the same tomorrow. With this in mind, the company accepts the challenge of change and uses innovative concepts to remain ahead of the curve. So as Karin settles in, it’ll be exciting to see what changes she’ll bring to the table.