Gauselmann Group Acquires Bede Gaming

The Gauselmann Group, the owner of Blueprint Gaming, has just bought the majority stake in Bede Gaming. As you may know, Bede Gaming is one of the leading online gaming platforms in the UK, with headquarters in Newcastle. In essence, the company develops online gaming platforms for operators in all different sectors. These include operators in casinos, lotteries, and sports betting as well.

All and all, this buy out is big news for Gauselmann Group. It already has a robust digital presence in the industry and keeps on growing. Plus, the company is said to get a great growth opportunity as the German market is experiencing significant changes too. Another benefit of this deal is that because Bede is a partner of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the Gauselmann Group will now grow in the North American lottery market.Gauselmann Group Acquires Bede Gaming

Tech Giants

Bede is also an expert when it comes to tech. And so this means that they’ll often be the partner of choice for top casino companies all over the globe. So, this acquisition will let the Gauselmann Group improve its technology. In turn, this will give customers and partners an even better experience. But it’s worth knowing that despite the buyout, Bede will keep its independence. It is agreed that they’ll stay in their offices in Newcastle, Sofia, and Toronto. Also, Bede management will continue to be stakeholders.

A Good Move for Bede

This is also a very positive move for Bede Gaming. The Gauselmann Group has a lot to offer as a company overall. Not only are they financially strong, but they also have long term prospects. And naturally, they can help Bede to improve the services and products they can offer to customers. Plus, they’ll gain even more business partners. Both partners will benefit greatly from this deal. These are 2 partners that, together, can improve not only the offerings but also the markets and their respective reach.