Gambling Associations in the UK Combine Forces

Gambling Associations in the UK Combine ForcesWith a steady assault against the UK gambling industry, two gaming associations have chosen to take action against lawmakers. Last week, the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) and the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) both joined forces. The stance is against a blast of new restrictions that are making it hard for operators to conduct business. As of now, the lobby group is looking for a CEO to lead its new establishment. Which, will be the largest and most important organisation to represent the UK gaming industry.

NEWCO will Taking a Stand

In a bold show of force, the two groups are creating a new association that’ll be able to sway politicians. The effort is to have a greater voice against the growing list of anti-gambling lawmakers. From this point forward, the two groups will operate under one name, NEWCO. Regarding the search for a new chairman, requirements are pretty straight forward. Candidates must prove that they have a successful track record moving the government leaders in Westminster and Whitehall. Also, they need to show that they have a strong network within the national political arena. Plus, applicants must have experience in dealing with the media on sensitive political issues.

Enough Is Enough

After losing a fight with officials on fixed odds, the ABB felt this stand was necessary. UK policy makers called slot machines a social decay and ordered the max bet to decrees from £100 to £2. As a result, gaming operators are losing money! Not to mention, the players get stuck in the middle due to all the new limitations and rules. In fact, the £2 stake set by lawmakers is proof that the industry needs a stronger body to protect gaming rights in the country. So by all means, this move by the ABB and RGA had to happen.