GambleAware Launches New Campaign

Let’s be honest; gambling is fun! It’s the oldest form of entertainment in the world! With that said, it can sometimes be a problem for some people. Indeed, in recent news, the Labour party declare that problem gambling is an epidemic in Britain. Taking this fact into consideration, it’s no surprise to hear that GambleAware launched a new Bet Regret campaign. The first push took place during the most-watched Premier League game between Manchester United and Liverpool at the end of February.

Responsible Gambling – it’s crucial!

To sum up, the campaign targets men in between the ages of 16-34 who regularly gamble on sports. Also, the campaign aims to inform people how to recognise and help friends and partners who are struggling with gambling. GambleAware hopes to make people think hard about their betting habits and give them the courage to say they need help. According to the Sports and Civil Society, it’s crucial to focus on a cure, not just on prevention.

GambleAware Trustee Sain Griffiths said it best, “The Bet Regret campaign is all about raising awareness. People might not always be able to recognise impulsive and risky gambling such as betting when drunk, bored, or when chasing losses”. He also said that GambleAware wants people to be able to identify with the campaign. In other words, they want gamblers to realise that their betting habits can be harmful if not checked.

GambleAware Launches New CampaignChanging the Way We Play the Game

In brief, Bet Regret has several companies standing behind the cause. In fact, BT Sports, Sky, ITV, Clear Channel, and Google are all among those participating. Furthermore, the Bet Regret campaign is taking matters beyond just television. Moving ahead, GambleAware also plans to promote Bet Regret through digital and social advertising too. On a side note, we’d like to remind you that all casinos advertised on take responsible gambling very seriously. So, if you plan to play have a read on how you can add limitations to your account! Better be safe than sorry!