Evolution Strikes the Right Note with Lightning Baccarat

Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest live casino game developers, has struck gold with its new Lightning game. Now, to add to its other top titles, it will offer players Lightning Baccarat. So, now players can play a live game with high payout and RNG multipliers. This is the third game in the lightning series. What’s more, if you want, you can play the game on mobile, desktop and tablet.Evolution Strikes the Right Note with Lightning Baccarat

A Game of Ice and Lightning

The game debuted for the first time at ICE 2020. This was the perfect introduction. It was there that they presented this new game to top industry experts. This exciting new game takes traditional baccarat to the next level. When the traditional element of baccarat finishes, so starts the lightning round. Lightning strikes from between one and five random lightning cards. Then, these cards will provide a RNG. You will then need to match one of your cards in a winning hand to a lightning card. Then you will win a multiplier payout. Indeed, you could get your hands on a payout up to 8x if you try the new game. What’s more, the more you have in your hand, the higher your multiplier. In fact, it could reach up to a 512x win. However, on tie bets, you could even get up to 262,144x your bet as we understand.

Another Thunderous Hit

It was two years ago that Evolution first launched Lightning Roulette. Since then, it has become one of the most popular roulette games in Evolutions’ history. Following this was Lightning Dice, again, extremely popular. So, this game was the obvious next step. Already, players love baccarat’s volatility and this new game pushes the boundaries. It makes you wonder what else can Evolution Gaming think of. This year they’ve completely redefine the experience of game show style games and table games too. So it seems this game providers’ imagination is limitless.