Ed Mouton new chairman at eLBA

In recent news, we’ve learned that only after one year of existence. The European Lotto Betting Association (eLBA) appointed a new chairperson. In fact, Elisa Field is making room on the board’s table for Mr Mouton. Indeed, the woman is stepping down after the board appointed the new member.

Ed Mouton new chairman at eLBAIt’s a surprise to see Mouton in such an important role. After all, he’s only been with eLBA 4 months. But, Elicia Bravo, who was re-elected as vice-chair, will give him a hand. On that note, let’s see what the organisation has in store for now and the future.

The essence

All and all, lotto betting is increasing in popularity nowadays. And this is mostly due to the accessibility of the products. But also because of contributions from companies like Multi Lotto. And their initiative to create an organisation like eLBA. In essence, eLBA highlights the product and its sustainability as Mouton pointed.

“It’s great to run eLBA at such an exciting time for the lotto betting sector. Which is growing fast by creating new opportunities for European citizens… I look forward to working with the other members to promote a better understanding of Lotto. Which provides a sustainable, online complement to state lotteries.”

Key areas still need work

It’s true that Lotto, as an online gambling product, needs to work on its awareness. But, as more companies like Multi Lotto shines a light on the product, knowledge spreads.
An exciting aspect of online Lotto is that there’s not enough data to give an estimation of its total value. But eLBA is hoping to change this. And in return, increase the numbers of companies it represents (only 6 at the moment).

After all, Lotto as a core or subsidiary product is interesting. The untouched market could explode at any time. Now, the question is, who will be lucky number seven at eLBA’s table? Well, once known, you’ll be the first one to get the information. So stay tuned.