Despite current climate Scientific Games boast with record

One of the most prestigious filled horse racing events in the UK, Royal Ascot recently went to the races without a crowd. Although, even if the 2020 edition completed without the normal Royal procession and other associated events. The outcome for Scientific Games and its OpenSports platform went off without a hitch. In fact, in comparison to last year’s figures, the volume recorded had 2019 beat by 44%. Plus an increased stake amounts off around 19%. And should serve as an indicator that the 300-year-old horse race tradition values higher than ever. And this despite the ruling times. Though it has to get said, the organizers had an ace up their sleeve. That could very well have tipped the scale in favor of Scientific Games and operators offering odds on the races.Despite current climate Scientific Games boast with record

Give the public what they want

Indeed, even if the public was not allowed into the area, the action was evident on the operators using the OpenSports platform. But what most likely contributed to the increase in volume and stake was the addition of extra stages. In fact, the Royal Ascot concluded with an added 6 races in total. Still, we are not going to rain on the Scientific Game parade, as it’s somewhat refreshing to hear good news for once. This especially with the current turbulent circumstances dampening the sportsbook spirit in the UK. But it’s also an indicator of what to come when normality is back on track. People are hungry for sports and all its extensions and forms.

Supply and demand

With the sudden shift of regular sports seasons, it seems that sports better find markets to keep the action going. And we also need to highlight, sports that took the backseat in comparison has got the spotlight focused in their direction instead. And perhaps they will continue grabbing larger market shares as the status quo rolls back. But it could also work as a catalyst for the up and coming virtual sports currently steamrolling the industry. That is available on most of the top tier online casino operators in the UK.