Casumo to diversify its offering

In an unforeseen twist of events, Casumo has announced it’s venturing on new turf. Indeed, on January 10th, the gamified casino that exists to erase boredom revealed that in 2020 it would accept sports wager.

But at the moment, the brand is currently working on enhancing all the features the new UK sportsbook will boast with. So even if Casumo casino has added a sports tab to its homepage. It looks as though we’ll have to wait to see the finished product, which logically should go live progressively and soon too. And that’s, even if Casumo has not confirmed that yet.

After all, 2020 is a UEFA cup year. And there’s also the Tokyo Olympics that the casino may want to capitalise on. Undeniably, the latest product added to Casumo’s offering comes with substantial revenue opportunities. But it also comes with a chance to reach new players as well.

A one of a kind bookmaker

As we understand, Casumo sportsbook will offer the best of the best to sports fans. To start with, it comes with a customisable interface. This way, players can opt to see their favourite league or sports with only a few clicks. And save precious time by customising their Casumo Sportsbook too.

But the new bookmaker will offer more than immersive players experience with compelling odds. In fact, according to the brand, they’ll also give players the option to “see all matches or events in play”. Plus, Casumo also offers a revolutionary “build your own bet” option which definitely spices up any matches.Casumo to diversify its offering

On a final note, Casumo is the proud sponsor of Reading Football clubs. So, the chances are they’ll offer extra perks (like jersey, tickets etc.) to loyal players. So, why not bookmarking’s news. This way you’ll know when these exclusive promos go live.