Casumo keeps on delivering big wins in the UK

Once again, the casino provider that exist to erase boredom has done it again. But this month, some of the biggest winners in traditional slots came from the UK. Plus, British players also manage to win incredible prizes via the Daily Must Drop jackpots accessible on Red Tiger games. In fact, 5 out of the top 10 Daily Must Drop jackpots winners in September were British winners.

All in all, UK players took home collectively close to £84,000 last month. So, let’s reveal the winners and the slots they played which gave them a seat on Casumo’s hottest Winner list this September.

A small bet goes a long way on Casumo

The first slot that paid out in spades in September is Queen of Riches: Megaways. Indeed, a lucky winner walked away with a staggering £19,440 win, from a £1.00 spin. The second big British payout on a non-jackpot slot went to someone who hit it big on Dead or Alive 2. In September a 45p bet awarded a jaw-dropping win of 28,500x stake (£12,860) in a spin. The last place on the hot winner’s list was snagged by a player who won £5,654 from a 20p bet on Reel King Potty.

Now even though the player who won £4,317 on Dead or Alive 2 didn’t make it to the podium this month. We think its 47,966x win deserved a mention in this news. Very few players can brag about winning thousands of pounds from a 9p bet. Which proves, again, that you don’t have to bet big to win big.

Mayan Gods held all the gold

Without a doubt, many British players had a good time on Red Tigers slots last month. And the Daily Must Drop jackpots wins below reported in x stake are truly impressive.

Surely with a 24,343x win from a 20p bet the player who took home £4,868 on Mayan Gods is still telling his friends about what happened. And so does the player who won 20,146x stake on Well of Wishes. And who turned a 60p bet into a £12,087 win.

The final position, in x win, goes once again to a Mayan Gods player. And you’ll undoubtedly agree that a 14,544x (£8,726) win from a 60p bet is something that everyone hopes to brag about one day. But only those who try their luck could…