Casumo fans make bold Euro 2020 prediction

It sure didn’t take long for everyone to notice Casumo’s new sportsbook. Indeed, a few days ago, the gamified casino revealed the results of a 2,000 sports fans study on one of the UK’s top newspaper. And according to the survey, UK punters are ready to back the underdog. And some even go as far as predicting “upsets across the board” in the top 20 sporting events of 2020. So, let’s recap some of the findings Casumo 2020 sports betting prediction survey revealed.

A big year of sport

It’s undeniable that there’s a lot of huge events this year. And so 2020 kicked-off with the Australian Open which is still ongoing until February 2nd. Then there’s, of course, the Super Bowl, the Cricket World Cup, the Grand Prix, and the Women’s Champions League final. But the most anticipated event of the year is certainly the Euro 2020. And according to Casumo’s survey, England stands a big chance of taking the cup home. Indeed, 4 out of 10 Brits back England in the Euro.

But when it comes to Wimbledon, more than half (53%) of the people think that an outsider will win the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. But the survey also revealed that 20% of the respondent think that Leicester City’s could win the FA cup. And consequently, make history at the same time.Casumo fans make bold Euro 2020 prediction

Sports capture the imagination

After the results went public. A Casumo representative admitted that. “The Premier League never fails to capture the imagination of followers. And even the imagination of those who don’t necessarily back a team”. Yet, the same could be said about the Six Nations championship and most sporting events of 2020.

On a final note, Casumo would like to remind sports fans to play responsibly if they bet on any events this year. And that’s a valid concern because betting on the underdogs to win can sure add some extra thrill into matches. But there’s never any guarantee… So playing casino responsibly and for fun is the best bet of all.