Castle Builder from Rabcat enters social slot space

The famous video slots series Castle Builder from Rabcat distributed by Microgaming took the first seat on the success train when it went live. In fact, when Rabcat released Castle Builder, it introduced something fresh and new to online casinos. And so the slot gained popularity quickly thanks to its immersive gameplay.

But the original game also put Rabcat on the map for operators because it showcased the studio’s incredible ability at storytelling. And it didn’t take long before the sequel Castle Builder 2 took the online gambling industry by storm as well.

So it makes you wonder what’s the next step of evolution for the game itself? Surely a trilogy of Castle Builder is not out of the question. But according to a recent news, it seems that Rabcat hopes to first tackle the world of social slot gaming.

rabcat gambling, Castle Builder from Rabcat enters social slot space

Making friends

Recently, we’ve learned that Rabcat entered into a new partnership with Tapinator to help them with their next social step. A step that targets new demographics and platform too. But even if Rabcat is venturing on new social turf. It doesn’t mean they’ve given up on casinos.

In fact, the real money version of Castle Builder is live with over 200 online casinos across many markets, and the UK is one of them. But apparently, the new deal with Tapinator means that the Castle Builder social app is going to have unique features such as mini-games, a VIP club, login rewards, and much more.

Signs that point to a possible Castle Builder trilogy

After reading the direction that Rabcat is taking with their social app. If you’re like us, you may wonder if they’ll bring their social app gameplay to online casinos, right?

Surely, operators who are looking for new ways to engage players would welcome a Castle Builder 3 slot. And it may not be that far either…

After all, online casinos are still a key focus for Rabcat. Remember, this year they’ve inked new deals with more content aggregators. And Yggdrasil and its gamified platform are one of them. So is the social app a sign of what’s to come in online casinos? Well, time will tell…