British player cause a storm in media after a no-win

On December 19th Jamie Gardiner, 24, from Merseyside England, caused a storm in the British media after releasing his story. It all started on a Thursday night just a bit before Christmas when Mr Gardiner decided to play Land of Gold a video slot by Playtech on Betfred. After just a few rounds the player in question managed to trigger the jackpot bonus round with 3 cloves and was prompted with a message “Win: £29,466.59”. Delighted by this message he started celebrating thinking he had won £29,466.59, which would have come handy before Christmas.

Jamie started questioning his winnings after he noticed that his balance remained unchanged. He said to the journalist who reported his story. “I play all the time and I know when it comes up there it is meant to go straight into your balance.” After seeing his balance no being increased by 29k he decided to contact a Betfred representative who confirmed that Mr Gardiner would have needed 4 cloves to win the jackpot. Furry by the confusing message he commented to the media and said. “I got two mushrooms and three clovers and whenever you get three clovers you are credited with the jackpot. I would be able to get a mortgage and go on a nice holiday. There is no way this was a potential win and not an actual win.”

Betfred took action immediately!

Just a few hours after the player in question contacted BetFred an internal investigation was launched with Playtech, who also concluded to a no jackpot win. Seeing the frustration this game had caused to a player, BetFred and Playtech have decided to remove Land of Gold from their respective game portfolio. All that to say, it’s important to always check the rules of the game when trying out a new game.