Boku partners with Mansion to power mobile deposits

Great news for online casino players who play at Mansion and uses their mobile. Baku has signed an agreement with the multi-product and multi-brand to power mobile deposit in the UK. This exciting new payment method has already been integrated and brands.

What benefit does Boku offer to online casino players?

In a nutshell, the signature of this partnership will facility mobile deposits to player who uses O2, Vodafone and EE mobile network. Boku technology allows players to make a one click deposit without entering any credit cards details and to be billed via their monthly mobile subscription. This is a significant improvement to the online casino player user journey and will benefit 60 million UK mobile subscribers. This agreement will significantly grow Mansion revenues and will help expend their core business to gain a larger share of the £3.6 billion transacted online via mobile. Following the signature of this agreements in November Nikki Carter, Mansion’s Head of Product said, “We have designed our mobile user experience to be as intuitive and simple as possible. This includes a player’s first deposit, and with this partnership Boku enables new customers to make this with a single click to charge their mobile account, making it a quick and simple method for players to access our games.

Where else is Boku payment method available?

There’s no doubt in our mind that other leading multinational company will soon join this new trend and that Uk casino players will benefit from one of the best customer journey available in the market. Companies like PokerStars, Boyle Sports and Gaming Real are already offering carrier billing as a preferred method of deposit to their mobile users. The Boku technology has already been integrated with other companies like Spotify, Windows Store, Facebook and Google Play. It is only a natural progression to see this technology now being offered in the online gambling industry.