Aspire Global Sign Up with AU10TIX

Aspire Global owner of Campeon UK Casino, and one of the leading providers and operators has just inked a deal with AU10TIX. Indeed, AU10TIX will now let Aspire offer real-time automated verification thanks to their state of the art ID check platform. The software is so ahead of its time, that it gives results in under 8 seconds. As such, Aspire can now check out players’ ages quicker than ever. Plus, they can also prevent fraud quickly and build better relationships with the best brands in iGaming. With tech continually improving, Aspire needs to stay ahead of the game. And they plan to use this new platform to better serve the needs of their partners and brands like Campeon UK.Aspire Global Sign Up with AU10TIX

The Name of the Game

All and all, with the focus now on compliance, this new signing will update the platform with new features that help with keeping up with new rules. Risk and Compliance Director of Aspire said. “Today’s digital environment demands an innovative and reliable solution like AU10TIX”. And he’s right, simply check out any iGaming news site. There you’ll see that it’s clear that compliance is a growing market and concern for everyone.

Plus, the regulations are constantly changing. So, to keep up with the changes, this is a must, he admitted. AU10TIX, on the other hand, is happy to increase its presence in iGaming. Following this, the tech giant will now let more businesses offer a safer journey through the whole onboarding process.

About AU10TIX

So, who are AU10TIX exactly? Well, this technology helps its customers to operate effectively and responsibly in various sectors as well. It has grown steadily in the last 10 years. Now, it is the most popular platform for starting the customer journey. Delivering instant results, this is set to change the game in online casino.