ASA raises the finger again

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) takes its job seriously. And they work hard to ensure fair advertising with the help of The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). Now the work between the two watchdogs has shined the light on another issue.

Apparently, NetEnt is guilty of targeting players under 18 years of age in the UK. And they do so by using avatars. Although the problem of operators and game providers using avatars isn’t new and didn’t point the finger directly at NetEnt. The company still assumed responsibility.

ASA raises the finger againNo one wins in the blame game

Because ASA and CAP’s complaint was not for anyone in particular, it would have been easy for NetEnt to not react to the public warning. However, as we all know, putting your head in the sand doesn’t make the issue go away. Instead, NetEnt used this opportunity to take a stand on Responsible Gambling. And the company couldn’t have been more clear on that matter when releasing this statement to the press.

“NetEnt takes responsible gambling and protection of minors as a matter of utmost importance. We’re striving to ensure that our games are only advertised and offered to consumers of legal age.” Since the reported incidents by ASA, NetEnt has cancelled many promotions. And are now working closely with CAP to ensure they stick to the guidelines, to avoid future entanglements. This will most definitely prove to be a wise decision in the long run.

ASA has not said its final words yet

ASA is currently working on tech solutions to be better at tracking infractions. Indeed, the watchdog is now implementing new tools that will make their work more efficient. The new tools will also help the organisation to expand its reach even further. Plus, it’ll maintain the public’s protection and interest at heart. In the end, steering clear of ramping up complaints like this one is fairly easy to avoid. All you have to do is to know who to do business with and who to promote your products too.