a Lucky Player wins £1.3 Million in a Spin on his mobile

In the world of online gambling, there’s no better news than when someone changes its life with a spin. In fact, not only are this news inspirational. But there also a testament to the fair play of video slots in online casinos.

Now the story that we’re about to tell you is the one of a lucky Dubliner who struck gold while watching football earlier this month. The lucky player in question was playing Red Tiger Gaming’s, Lucky Halloween video slot when the Daily must drop jackpot fell.

As it turned out, it really payed off to get into the Halloween mood early while watching is favourite team win. In fact, the dad of 2 who opted to remain anonymous won a mind-blowing £1.3 (€1.5) million. And this only minutes before the final whistle blow in the Ireland vs. Bulgaria match. a Lucky Player wins £1.3 Million in a Spin on his mobile

That’s Million Bro

The lucky punter’s story began after he returned from work at the super market.Exhausted from his work day. The man sat down to watch Mick McCarthy and his lads, whom at the time, weren’t that impressive apparently. So, to spice the game up, the player in question decided to play slots and wagered a bold £3.50 (€4) on Red Tiger’s Lucky Halloween. And minutes later, at 21:22 precisely, 3 jackpots symbols landed on the reels, and triggered the jackpot game. Than the right symbols lighted up. And awarded him the life-changing and Monster Jackpot win.

Excited about the what had just happened, he wasn’t sure if he was reading the digits correctly. So he took a screenshot. And sent it to his brother and asked “is that €1.5 million or €1.5 thousand”? Minutes later, his brother replied and said “that’s 1.5 million bro”.

And the rest is history….