A £168,364.85 Jackpot win on Casumo

There’s no better way to start the year than with a bank account that is bursting with a newly found fortune. And this is exactly what happened to one of our fellow Commonwealth player who lives in Kitchener, Ontario Canada on January 4th.

But let’s make one thing clear, we’re not talking about Prince Harry here. Even if he announced more or less at the same time that he and his family were moving to Ontario to “work to become financially independent”.

In fact, the story we’re about to tell you is a lot more modest. And it proves that, once again, anyone can win big on the slots over at Casumo.

Not your ordinary Friday night

The story of the lucky Canadians started after a man who opted to remain anonymous, and his wife stayed home for a cosy Friday to spin the slots together as so many do.

The game the lucky duo opted to take for a spin is Well of Wishes by Red Tiger. As you know most Red Tiger slot offer the daily must drop jackpot. So they’re excellent games to play because they offer mega value as the Canadians would tell you.

In fact, after only a few spins, the man noticed that the 3 Jackpots were “flickering on his screen”. Then he called his wife who had step away for a few seconds and said “Honeeeeey, you best look at this”. And this is where the lucky couple change their life with an epic win worth $289,270.08 (CAD). Or £168,364.85 at today’s conversion rate.A £168,364.85 Jackpot win on Casumo

What are their plans?

Now we’re not sure exactly what the couple will do with the newly found fortune. Perhaps this mega win will give them the chance to go on a winter escape holiday. And catch some sun as many do. But if they wanted to, they could also buy 1,193,000 Timbits instead. But, regardless of the way you look at things. A win worth £168,364.85 is always sweet. Plus, it’s the best way to start the year with complete peace of mind. So join us in congratulating the duo. Try out Casumo with a casino bonus!